Which Social Media Outlet is Most Effective for Authors?

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Happy Monday, All! Today I’m super excited because I have science fiction and fantasy author Violette L. Meier as a host today! Today Violette is giving us an overview of some of the most popular venues for anybody out here on these social media streets trying to build a platform. Enjoy!


Social media marketing to writers is a Godsend! Never underestimate the value of a great marketing campaign. There are so many creative ways to get your book known to the world. Today I am going to tell you about seven social media outlets that can help you promote your book.

1. Facebook.
Facebook is an awesome place to build relationships with readers and writers, and promote your book events. Using it for free is effective, but since Facebook has been blocking many posts from friends, you may want to consider doing a paid promotion. Paid promotion is a good investment. It is a proven way to drive people to your website. You can set your budget and control its time duration. It allows you to tap directly into your demographic by using filters (age, location, interests, etc.).

2. Twitter
Twitter is a wonderful marketing tool, but Twitter calls for advanced craftiness. You can’t just tweet “Buy my book”. You have to come up with catchy phrases, tweet interesting articles, share news stories, and find a way to tie some of these things to your book. Make sure you use pictures and links. They are attention catchers, and more interesting to retweet.

3. Instagram
Instagram is a great source to post cool pictures and memes. It allows writers to post pictures of their events, characters, book covers, and all things visually stimulating.

4. Google+
Google+ is a social media outlet for intellectuals. Spam is frowned upon so make sure that your self-promotion isn’t overwhelming, and that you post it in the appropriate places. It is important that you tie your work into popular topics, news stories, scientific discoveries or paranormal activities. Join Google+ communities and be an active participant. Google+ is also a great way to tap into the international market.

5. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a wonderful social tool that allows you to post to all of your social media sites simultaneously. It is a wonderful timesaver, and it allows you to schedule postings. I post event reminders months in advanced so I don’t have to worry about last minute promotions.

6. YouTube
YouTube is wonderful for those who are video savvy. Create book trailers, short films, or comedic commercials. You can also post interviews, events, and record informational videos. YouTube allows you to be up close and personal with the world.

7. SlideShare
SlideShare is a site where you can upload PowerPoint presentations to share with the world. You can create wonderful teaching tools while promoting your work at the same time.

Using social media as a promotional venue is the most economical and practical solution for most writers. However, it is important not to over promote. Build relationships with people and people are more likely to purchase your products. People support people that they like. Be likable, witty, compassionate, informative, and most of all offer great books so others will want to support you in the future.

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Violette L. Meier, author of Son of the Rock, Angel Crush, Out of Night, et.al

Thank you, Violette!

So whether you’re an expert, novice, or somewhere in between: which social media outlet do you find most useful for building your platform??? Inquiring minds want to know!

5 thoughts on “Which Social Media Outlet is Most Effective for Authors?

  1. Violette, thanks for the social media info. I go in and out of phases with being active on social media. My eyes (and brain) lose interest alot in being glued to all the social media hubbub. I’m seeking a more healthier, balanced approach to it, but haven’t found that rhythm yet. Though, I wonder if the words healthy and balanced will ever be synonymous with social media. 🙂
    Demetria Foster Gray recently posted..Savor Your AccomplishmentsMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the overview, I hadn’t heard of Slideshow so I’m adding that to my list of apps to try. Personally I find blogs most effective in grabbing my attention, I like something meatier than 140 characters or a picture, but that said, it’s usually Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr that deliver me to the blog site.
    Shadé recently posted..Books and boxesMy Profile

  3. Great tips! I don’t think we can ever over-warn about the dangers of over-promoting, either. 🙂 Have to say, Google certainly works for me and though I’m new there, I like the exposure at Goodreads as well. Well done, Ladies – Thanks!
    diedre recently posted..New Streetcar, Old PuebloMy Profile

  4. I’m definitely not you’re savvy social media user. In fact, I’ve mentioned it in another blog comment, that when it comes to social media, I’m throwing darts blindfold. Sometimes I hit the target and sometimes I don’t. But social media has attributed some growth to my blog. And thanks to addthis.com, I’ve found that most of the traffic coming to my blog is from Google+ and Twitter. So now, I’m left scratching my head as to what is it I’m doing on Google+. Anyways, besides those two I’m also on FB, Pinterest, Tumblr and Youtube.

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