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Hello, All! It’s the Monday before Christmas and I’m sure many of you are doing some last minute shopping (I need to be doing that as I type this!). Since I have some time off from work, I’m going to get caught up on my ever-growing TBR list. I thought I’d share some of what I’ll be reading during the holidays and I hope you’ll share some great recommendations with me as well!


Goddess of Legend by Erin Ashley Tanner.

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Cameryn Kane is a private investigator with a spirit problem. She can talk to spirits, solve any homicide, and has no love life. When an unexpected death sends her world into a tailspin, Cameryn finds comfort in the arms of a tall, dark and handsome stranger—Hades, god of the Underworld.

When Hades promises to bring her loved one back from the dead if she allows him the chance to woo her for six months in the dark Underworld, Cameryn readily agrees. While fighting her growing feelings for Hades, Cameryn must deal with the return of his ex-wife, Persephone, who is determined to get her husband back.

Cameryn will soon experience love and betrayal while discovering powers she never knew she had.


Can’t Stand the Heat by Shelly Ellis

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Over three generations, the Gibbons women of Chesterton, Virginia, have built their reputation as a family of shameless–but refined–gold diggers. They even have a strict set of rules by which they operate. But the rebellious, youngest Gibbons is about to break them all…

Lauren Gibbons is committing the ultimate family betrayal: abandoning the tradition of seducing men for money. Nothing is worth the abuse she’s endured from her sugar daddy. Now a sous chef, Lauren is hoping to break from the past for good. And when she meets hot former NFL player Crisanto Weaver, she even lets herself imagine a future. But the small-town rumor mill–and her own sisters–aren’t ready for a new Lauren. Between her conniving relatives, her vengeful ex, a mountain of debt, and a whole lot of haters, can she escape her old life, and create something new?

Quiver of the Pure Heart by Burnita Bluitt

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Twenty-eight year old Blis Dumas’ peaceful life and sense of security becomes the target of a well-crafted scheme. The setting is 1989 San Francisco, and Blis fears a repeat of the 1950-60s, redevelopment that took place displacing primarily African-American residents from the Western Addition’s Fillmore District, their “Harlem of the West.” Her world crumbles as she is notified that her own Victorian home, inherited from her grandfather, is in jeopardy of demolition by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and she must sell to them…or so she thinks. She uncovers family secrets that reveal her problem is much closer to home.

Blis fights to save the home she adores; fights the temptation of an incorrigible former lover; and fights the threat to a tender, new, budding romance. Blis loves San Francisco, but like any love relationship, it is where her emotions will be tested, where passions will live and die, and where people are not always as they seem.


Finding Me by Dawn Brazil.

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Sixteen-year-old Chloe Carmichael’s perfect world is in chaos.

It’s not because she has a vision of her boyfriend murdered. And then he’s found dead exactly as she saw. It’s not because she suddenly has the ability to move objects when she’s upset. It’s kinda cool to close a door without touching it. It’s not her overbearing mother who only cares about appearances. Chloe’s grown accustomed to her family’s distance.

So what has Chloe cringing in fear?

It’s a love that defies reason. It demands her attention. But Chloe struggles with a love that exposes the soul. What will her family think? What will her friends think? And is she worthy of his love.

It’s having to become another person for a new group of people. Chloe knows she’s not perfect but apparently she was when she was Amanda in another life. Her new friends won’t let her forget. It’s the stench of death that hoovers over her every move. It’s the threat of finality as she tries to acclimate to a life of super human proportions. It’s an enemy she can’t see and can be anyone she’s ever known. But her enemy knows her well. She’s the lone person with the ability to destroy him. But she doesn’t remember.

And it’s never discovering who she really is before finality meets reality.


What about all of you? What are you reading?

Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Peace and Blessings,


21 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Quanie, Quanie, Quanie, girl, you are the best! Thank you for all your support and advice this year. I hope you and yours (baby’s first Christmas) have a wonderful holiday and terrific new year. Happy book sales to you too. (Kind of like happy trails to you). Toooooodles. . . . .
    Burnita recently posted..AFRICAN-AMERICAN AUTHORSMy Profile

  2. Wow, what an enticing cover for Goddess and Legend! And very HOT!
    I hope you get to catch up on your TBR list, Quanie. Looks like you have some great books on your list.
    I have a huge list to catch up with but also want to spend some of my time off actually WRITING. I went home for Christmas and told my stepmom about my WIP. She is demanding I get it edited and send it off because it sounds like an incredible story. I would really like to get the edits done before we leave for Costa Rica in two weeks.
    I hope you have a beautiful Christmas, Quanie!!
    gina stoneheart recently posted..A Christmas Letter to My MotherMy Profile

  3. Quanie, you’re better than me. I haven’t done much reading this past year, aside from Albert Zuckerman’s “Writing the Block Buster Novel” and other similar how to NF books. On my TBR list so far is The Help, LOTR (since I’ve seen the movies but never read the book), Tribesman, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, etc. And now Can’t Stand the Heat. All I can say is thank you Goodreads or else I wouldn’t be able to keep track of what I want to read. At least I have The Help on my shelf at home. The thing is now is finding the time. Happy Holidays!
    lidy recently posted..Rounding Out 2014My Profile

    • Oooh! The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is one of my FAVORITE books. Like, seriously. I was actually thinking of re-reading it. I loaned it to my boss but I really need to get it back! After you read it, let me know how you liked it. And LOTR? Woo! I know those books are as big as dictionaries! Well, I hope you’re able to get your TBR list down. I’ll have to friend you on Gooreads so that we can compare books. Merry Christmas!
      Quanie recently posted..What Are You Reading?My Profile

      • I love re-reading books. My husband just doesn’t get it because according to him since ‘you’ve read it already, you know what’s going to happen.’ But there will always be books that you’d want to re-read, no matter if it’s hundreds of times, and it still enthralls you as the first time you read it. I’ve only seen the movie version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and man the suspense was gripping. And since a movie doesn’t always include everything that was in the novel in its adaptation, I’m counting for the suspense to go up tenfold. After all, mystery/thriller/suspense books are my second favorite after fantasy (supernatural/paranormal).
        lidy recently posted..Rounding Out 2014My Profile

        • Oh, yes! The movie was everything. Probably one of the best adaptations I’ve seen. They were spot on with pretty much the whole book and that’s often difficult to do. But even though the movie was terrific, the book was better. I didn’t like the other two books in the series, though. They felt rushed and read like first drafts (but the author did pass away before the books were even published, and I’m sure it had something to do with that).

  4. Hey Quanie, I’m so intrigued by Quiver of the Pure Heart. I don’t know why, I always like stories about old buildings 🙂

    I’m reading a novel by a fellow dieselpunk, The City Darkens
    “In an island metropolis, where robots serve the wealthy and glittering skyscrapers light up the night, a woman from a country estate, unschooled in the ways of the court, fights to get back her son and resist the tyrannical new order.”

    And I’ve just finished the noir novel of another fellow dieselpunk, New Heaven Blues, which was really fun.

    Have a very nice Christmas with family and friends, everyone 🙂
    JazzFeathers recently posted..8 Sentence Sunday on Dieslepunks #29My Profile

  5. I’m right there with you on the last minute shopping and holiday preparations…still need to wrap gifts, go grocery shopping, and do all kinds of other stuff. But I love doing all of it!

    You know my TBR list is crazy too, but I’m committing to chilling out over the long weekend and having some serious down time. ‘Can’t Stand the Heat’ sounds very interesting. I don’t think I’ve read anything by Shelly Ellis, so I’m going to check it out. Thanks Quanie!
    Faith Simone recently posted..Book Blast & Amazon Gift Card Giveaway with Author Michelle Lindo Rice!My Profile

    • Oh, yay! I love it when people discover new books! I hope you enjoy Can’t Stand the Heat. I plan to read it soon. Hopefully, I can get all these books I’ve featured off of my TBR list before the year’s over! Good luck with your shopping and have a very merry Christmas!
      Quanie recently posted..What Are You Reading?My Profile

  6. These all sound delicious! I think I’d start with ‘Can’t Stand the Heat’, soon as finish reading “The City” by Dean Koontz. Hope your holidays are wonderful!

  7. these all sound great (and my TBR pile continues to grow…!) I’m currently reading the latest Shopaholic novel by Sophie Kinsella, and I have a few dozen books to catch up on over break haha. Have an amazing holiday season, Quanie!! 🙂

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