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Hello, All! Today is the first Wednesday of the month so you know what that means: another installment of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Writers from all over the world come together to discuss our fears and insecurities. We might even meet a new friend or two!

The cohosts for this month are  Tyrean MartinsonKaren WalkerDenise CoveyStephen Tremp. If you have some time, please stop by their blogs and say hello! To sign up for IWSG, click here.

Okay, guys. I have some good news and some not so good news. Let me start with the not so good. Some of you might remember those storms that pummeled South Carolina a few weeks ago. My husband and I counted are blessings because we didn’t have any damage to our home–or so we thought. Fast forward to this past Friday and guess what? We found mold in our house. And, like, everywhere. The water from the storm caused excess water underneath our home so there was “extra moisture in the air” or something like that. Thus, the mold. The kicker? We had to evacuate. Immediately. You can imagine my utter surprise when I arrived home from my meeting on Friday morning and my husband said, “Pack your bags. Now.” My first thought: “Woo-hoo! Surprise vacation!” But my elation quickly dissipated when he told me why. But don’t fret folks; we’re in a safe place while waiting to hear back from the good folks at FEMA. At least we have our health, right???

And now, after all of that depressing stuff, on to the good news: I started another book! I know, I know. You were hoping for something bigger. Like I won the lottery and decided to share all my winnings with you guys. Or solved world peace. But this is a HUGE deal for me because every time I finish one book, I have this frightening thought that I’ll never be able to write anything else again because writing the recent project was some sort of fluke. How can I do that again???

But I’ve learned this and maybe this will help another writer struggling with the same thing: you’re creative and will never run out of creativity. You’re a great writer, and as long as you dedicate yourself to a writing schedule and put the work in, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals. It might take time, and maybe a bit of effort on your part, but trust yourself and your ability to create awesome stuff. Doubt is inevitable but don’t let it stop you from doing what you love.

What about others? Any mold horror stories? Does anyone else ever freak out about the possibility of running out of creativity???? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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    • Hi Crystal! Thanks for checking on me. I haven’t left, but it seems I’ve taken an unofficial, unexpected, totally extended blogcation! I’m hoping to be back soon. See you around!:)
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

  1. Hi and Happy Ne Year,

    I am so glad that you were able to move out of all the mold and mildew. I’ve had my basement flooded three times because of excess rain, so I know how you feel.

    Congratulations on starting on your new book. I have one of your books sitting in my iPad. I haven’t read it yet because I am working on my own manuscript, but I wish you the very best as you sail out to write another story.

    Pat Garcia recently posted..Faith, Prayer, PerseveringMy Profile

  2. Sorry to hear about the mold problem Quanie! That really REALLY sucks. Hopefully, you’re back at home by now.

    Do I ever think I’ll run out of creativity? No. But I do worry constantly about my rate of production. I keep wondering how some writers put on book like short order cooks! And just like that diner food, the ‘ish is good. So I have to coach myself and accept that every writer’s process is different and once I hit my groove, I’ll look up and have 20-30 books myself.
    Faith Simone recently posted..Late Post: Ranches, Horses and….Me?????? #WritersRetreatMy Profile

    • Oh, yes! Don’t we all wish we could produce like Stephen King??? But I realized that a book every two years is great progress for me, so I don’t sweat it. It takes me a long, long, long, long time to write a book and a rushed project will certainly go into the trash, so why not just be patient??? So true that every writer’s process is different.
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

  3. I never worry about running out of things to write about – I’ve blogged about my idea file before and I’m constantly adding to it, so no worries there. But “trust yourself” is always good advice. It’s way, way too easy to second-guess yourself when doing the writing thing, especially if you’re thinking about what readers will like or if a book will sell. Neil Gaiman once said, “Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story.”, and I remind myself of that when I start to doubt.

    And ye gods, I hope your house gets cleaned out soon. >_< Mold is a concern up where I live now, and I haven't had any problems with it so far, but damn.
    Mason T. Matchak recently posted..IWSG: Confess!My Profile

    • Sometimes I fall into the trap of “thinking about what will sell,” and then it hits me: how the heck will I know what is going to sell? If I knew that, I’m sure every publishing company in America would be trying to hire me as an editor! So I definitely agree with that Neil Gaiman quote. Truth!
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

  4. This is a TOTAL bummer, Quanie…especially after all your work of remodeling and getting things the way you wanted. Ugh. So glad you are looking at the bright side and that you all are all safe…that is the most important thing.

    I personally don’t have any experience with mold, but I’m so glad y’all caught it early. Sending you a positive thoughts and a big virtual hug. Hopefully, everything will be resolved soon.
    M. Simone Boyd recently posted..What Men Wish Women Knew (Part 2)My Profile

  5. So sorry to hear about your mold problems, Quanie! Glad to hear that you guys caught it before anyone suffered health issues. As for your IWSG post. Girl, THIS: ” You’re a great writer, and as long as you dedicate yourself to a writing schedule and put the work in, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals. It might take time, and maybe a bit of effort on your part, but trust yourself and your ability to create awesome stuff. Doubt is inevitable but don’t let it stop you from doing what you love.” I am sharing this EVERYWHERE.
    Reese Ryan recently posted..Get to Know @Ursula_Renee author of A Bookie’s OddsMy Profile

  6. The house I grew up in always used to get mold and mildew around the windows, and my parents would have to bleach it away. Our landlord was typically no real help, and my parents came up with the phrase “You Brohmed yourself” to refer to his habit of coming to help, or only do the first step, and then leave his tools after he was done.

    Good luck with your new writing project!
    Carrie-Anne recently posted..IWSG—My second official NaNoMy Profile

  7. Starting a new project can be both scary and exciting. Doubt, fear that my previous project was a fluke… I get all that. It’s debilitating. Then, just the other day I picked up my romance novel and started reading from a random page in the middle. It was awesome, and, holy cow I wrote that! It was the inspiration I needed to start my Nano project. Sometimes we forget how amazing it is to create from nothing.

    • That is AMAZING when we get inspired by our own work! It’s happened to me a few times as well and had spurned me on, absolutely. Thanks so much for stopping by, Tanya. And good luck on your Nano project.
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

  8. Ooh yuk, Glad you’re all ok. We don’t have mold problems but don’t talk to me about dry rot! Aaarrghh!
    I haven’t yet taken a book through to the ready to publish stage, so can’t really comment on how I might feel at that stage, but I’m afraid I’m the opposite – worry that I’ll never get to put all my ideas to paper.
    Angela Wooldridge recently posted..IWSG – Second DraftsMy Profile

    • Ha! Isn’t it funny how we all worry about different things that are still probably related on some level? And dry rot? Please don’t say it because it’s liable to pop up at our house. Knock on wood!
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

  9. So good to see that your sunny disposition prevails. Mold can be a serious problem if left unchecked, but since you guys are already addressing it you should be just fine. There are around 500 types of mold, but only 3 are potentially harmful to humans.
    Another book? Fabulous! I can’t wait – but wait, does this mean your last one is ready for the market? When? Where? How soon? Do tell, dear Quanie. Your adoring fans are clamoring 🙂
    So glad you mentioned your new idea to your friend, encouragement is the high octane fuel that keeps our inspiration humming;-)
    diedre recently posted..Focus PokesMy Profile

    • Ha! The one I just finished is with beta readers as we speak. I have too much going on right now to plan a good launch, so I think I might aim for next fall. Who knows? Maybe the current project will be done and I can do a cover reveal during my upcoming release. I can dream, right? 🙂
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

  10. Mold is THE WORST. It ruins everything. So glad you’re away from it though since it’s so bad for you! Hope you can get home again soon. And yes, I ALWAYS worry I can never write another book. It’s why I stop and stall so much with whatever project I’m working on. I love when I hit that breakthrough moment though!

    • Stephen, I’m glad to hear that! We have someone in our crawl space–as I type this–looking at our moisture issue. I’ve spent the morning calling irrigation companies about corrugated pipes and sump pumps–all so foreign to me! Our fingers our crossed for a speedy (and cheap!) solution. Thanks for stopping by:)
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

  11. Mold? Oh, no! I’m glad you’re safe.

    I don’t have trouble coming up with ideas, I just have trouble making time to write. And lately, it’s only getting worse. 🙁

    IWSG #115 until Alex culls the list again

  12. So sorry to hear about your mold, but glad you all stayed safe! And really glad that you’re writing something new — finding time and space to be creative can be so hard when your life is upended like that.

    I freak out every time I start a new book because I’m afraid those who liked my previous books won’t like this one. Everything I write is a little bit different than the last one, and the fears plague me. I have a finished book that I’m not quite sure about releasing because it’s so different, so I feel you! We all go through it!
    Leslye recently posted..Whispers of Shadow & Flame now available!My Profile

    • Ah! Me too! It looks like every idea I have is in a different genre. That is very frustrating for me because I know that, in terms of building an audience, it’s easier to do if you write in the same genre. But my muse doesn’t care about all that, apparently! I say go ahead and release the book you’re unsure about. Or at least get some feedback from betas to see if you’re on the right track. You never know!
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

  13. Sorry about the mold but as long as you’re health, so they say. And starting a new book is like winning the lotto. I always worry that for all my story ideas I’d just have the one story in me or when I’ll ever reach the end. I doubt and worry that I’m writing the most suckage writing in the history of writing. Then I get these a-ha moments and those doubts and worries disappear. Then appear again later. I swear it goes up and down, full circle. But as you said, believe in yourself. Writing is not an easy vocation, but if we believe in ourselves, trust our writing and creative and keep writing, you can accomplish anything.
    Lidy recently posted..Happy IWSG Day!-Decisions, DecisionsMy Profile

    • Me, too! It’s up and down for me sometimes, so crazy! I seriously doubted this idea until sharing it with a friend yesterday. I had the first chapter done but was kind of meh about it, but after I started telling her about it she got so excited it kind of shocked me. I was like, “Maybe I’m being too hard on myself???” I thought of joining you for Nano to see if I can finish it. We’ll see!
      Quanie recently posted..Trust YourselfMy Profile

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