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A lot has changed in the last few months! My husband and I quit our jobs in San Jose, packed all of our things into our Ford Escape, and embarked on a cross country road trip to Louisiana and Charleston (after riding through the desert I almost hopped out of the car to kiss the water once we got to El Paso). I hadn’t been home in over two years and it was so great to see my family and friends! We stayed in Louisiana for four days and then headed to Charleston, our final destination. I am not the most geographically savvy person, so I was amazed when we sped through Mississippi and Alabama in just five minutes (I took a nap and five minutes after I woke up we were crossing the Georgia state line).

So we’re here now in South Carolina and I’ve been thinking about what I want to do next. I’ve done developmental editing before and enjoyed it, so I started my own editing service. I love to cook so my husband and I started a made to order sweets business. With all that going to keep me busy in the back of my mind I keep wondering: but what are you going to write next???

I have a few ideas running around in this head of mine, and one of them, the one that seems the most ready, is really large in scope and I’m kind of afraid to write it because I wonder if I can pull it off. But I have a strong feeling that I’ll be starting a new project next month, so we’ll see which idea wins out. I’ve also been kicking around some ideas for a short story, thinking of starting a literary magazine (everything I’ve read about that seems to indicate that it really wears you out, but I’m still considering it), and even thinking about starting my own publishing company! I tell you, this move has really kicked my entrepreneurial side into high gear. But I keep telling myself: you need to be writing.

And hopefully next month, I will be.





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