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Sometimes we writers are hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up over what we perceive as failure or tell ourselves that we should be further along than we are, but sometimes we have to take comfort in the fact that we are getting better.

Think about that first novel you wrote vs. the one you’re writing now. World’s apart? Probably so.

We grow as writers, and we have to allow ourselves time to get better without putting constant pressure on ourselves to be everywhere but where we are supposed to be in our writer’s journey.

You’re right where you need to be. Still learning, still growing, but most importantly, getting better.

Keep writing and eventually you’ll get where you’re supposed to be.

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16 thoughts on “# IWSG: Getting Better

  1. Before I wrote, I was already very insecured in many aspects. Writing gave me more self confidence, but showing my writing made me retreat again. Yet, knowing that I am consistently improving as I write clatters those insecurities into dust. So glad to read this post today. 🙂
    Claudine G. recently posted..Let’s Spread Some BrightnessMy Profile

  2. Yes! Every time I get down, I pull up some of the stuff I wrote a few years back and compare it to what I’m writing now. I’ve learned so much on this journey through writing. I know my writing isn’t perfect, but at least it’s moving in the right direction.
    Nickie Anderson recently posted..IWSG: The first oneMy Profile

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