It’s Wednesday and People are Tired

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I’m really not a short story writer. In fact, even in writing workshops when I had to write something “short” my stories were always on the longish side. I think I was just born to be a novelist, but every now and then, I feel a short story a-brewin’. Since it is Wednesday, I thought I’d share this story. It’s about a little girl named Cicily who wants a new dress for an awards ceremony. You can read it below or by clicking on the little arrow icon (or you can download the PDF below). I hope you enjoy it!

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8 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday and People are Tired

  1. Quanie, this was such a good story! I couldn’t help but to laugh to myself, sitting here at work, while reading it. Especially the part where Momo’s sister always comes to borrow toilet paper. And the part where Cicily tells Buggy that he needs to get off the sofa and go get a job, hilarious! You have a gift Quanie. And I especially enjoyed how descriptive you are with this piece, but didn’t overdo it. I felt like I was there, experiencing everything through Cecily’s eyes. You have the ability to paint a vividly sad tone with just enough humor. I always look forward to stopping by here!
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  2. I loved this story. To see one day through the eyes of a child…wow, you did a wonderful job of portraying her thoughts and expectations.

    It was funny and yet sad.

    I expecially liked the part where Cicily told Buggy to ‘get off the couch and get a job’…I laughed out loud at that.

    And isn’t it just like a child to speak their mind (the awards night) … again I chuckled at her comments.

    Anyway, throughly enjoyed reading the short story.

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