How I’m Building My Poetry Platform – Guest Post by Lidy Wilks

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Happy Tuesday, Everybody! Today I am super excited because I have poet and blogger extraordinaire, Lidy Wilks, guest hosting today! She’s talking about how she’s building her platform as a poet. I find this fascinating because my poetry abilities are severely limited to “Roses are Red” type of rhymes (pray for me, ya’ll). So I definitely have to give Lidy her props because writing poetry ain’t easy! Lidy is also hosting a giveaway for her poetry chapbook, Can You Catch My Flow? Any poetry lovers in the house? Make sure you enter Lidy’s giveaway below and add the chapbook to your Goodreads shelf by clicking here.

Congrats, Lidy!


So how have I been building my platform as a poet?

Simple. By writing and sharing my poetry. And engaging with other poets.

I’m on at least four poetry groups on There I’ve met a lot of talented and inspiring poets who are eager to help you write the best poem you possibly can.

I also share my poems on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This has worked well in gaining followers. Especially on Instagram, because I like to pair images with my poetry. As well as using hashtags like #poetry, #instapoet and #poetsofinstagram. A few of my poems are even featured on Verse Wrights, an online poetry community. And I’ve begun to recite my own poems and upload it on SoundCloud too.

Another way I’m building my poetry platform is by sharing the poetry I’ve read and liked on social media. All thanks to and their Poem-A-Day series, which sends me new poems every day. I also like sharing poetry readings featured by Button Poetry. Which helped me to discover new poets to follow, like Sarah Kay. You must listen to the poetry reading of her poem “The Type” that has snagged me as her latest fan.

Poetry is not your money generating genre. Or a genre big publishers like to publish for the same reason. All the same, it is also why I try to pay it forward and feature as many poets on my blog as I much as I can. And by liking and retweeting poetry tweets on Twitter. Pinning and sharing poems on Pinterest and Facebook.

Last April, I featured thirty poet interviews for National Poetry Month(NaPoMo) on my blog. This year, I plan to share thirty of my favorite poems. Some will be classics and some written by today’s poets. I’ll be participating in the 30 poems in 30 days challenge as well.

By the end of the day, my true goal is to have my poetry read and enjoyed. For readers to feel a connection with every word and every line. To write more poems, chapbooks and poetry collections. Submit them to literary magazines and journals. To one day be short listed and win a poetry book prize. Be one of the featured poets in the Poem-A-Day series. And in the short haul, stand on a stage in front of a mic and recite my poems to an audience. Hopefully without fainting first.



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Title: Can You Catch My Flow?

Publisher: CreateSpace

Genre: Poetry

Release Date: February 25, 2016

About The Book:

Debut poetry chapbook Can You Catch My Flow? captures the everyday ordinary events of the human condition in poetic snapshots. No matter the walks of life, the reader is sure to find themselves within the lines.


Lidy’s poetry reveals an understanding that deep meaning can be felt in the details. Her poetry portrays a range of topics from the pressures to conform to societal expectations, friendship, monarch butterflies, partying, insomnia, and the quest for peace…just to name a few. Enjoy!- Shelah L. Maul

Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | eCreate Store

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Lidy Wilks 

Ever since she was young, Lidy Wilks was often found completely submerged in the worlds of Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew. She later went on to earn a Bachelor degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, from Franklin Pierce University. Where she spent the next four years knee deep in fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction workshops.

Lidy is the author of Can You Catch My Flow? a poetry chapbook and is a member of Write by the Rails. She currently resides in Virginia with her husband and two children. And an anime, book and manga library, she’s looking to expand, one day adding an Asian drama DVD collection. Lidy continues her pursuit in writing more poetry collections and fantasy novels. All the while eating milk chocolate and sipping a glass of Cabernet. Or Riesling wine.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Blog

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    • Thanks Claudine. Glad you like the new cover art. I had a previous new one but had to scrap it. I was ecstatic when the graphics designer I found on fiverr recreated a new cover for me again and came up with this. He was very patient with me in the development of the 2.0 cover version. And will definitely use him again for my future work.
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  2. Wonderful post and interview. Glad to see poetry is still alive and well. Quanie, I have to say I love the cover of your novel The New Mrs. Collins! Really cool. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Awesome interview! I’m not a great poet, so I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who can write poetry. It’s wonderful seeing emotions and concepts captured in so few words. Best wishes, Lidy, for your continuing writing journey!

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    • Poets had fascinated me when I was younger too. There was two poems that dragged me into the world of poetry. One, unfortunately I can not remember but I was tasked to memorize and recite the poem as part of a class project. I think it might’ve been “If” by Rudyard Kipling but I’m not sure. The second poem was “How Much Do I Love Thee”- Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I remember thinking how I wanted to experience a love like that.

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