Goodbye Stupid Comcast (and Other Tidbits)

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Happy Monday, All! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend, unlike myself, who spent the last couple of days shopping for a mattress and a sectional. Until recently, I had no idea that mattress salesmen were just as fast-talking and (seemingly) shady as used car salesmen. I guess it’s hard out there on those mattress streets and you’ve gotta say whatever you have to to make a dollar.

But that’s not the good part: it looks like after months of rehabbing our house, our move in date is here! Woo-hoo! And hopefully, we’ll get things squared away with Comcast, the root of all evil and gray hair. Sidebar: this weekend, Comcast gave us two separate appointments for transfer of service: one on Saturday between 3 and 5 (and then mysteriously didn’t show up) and then one on Sunday between 8 and 8 (and then mysteriously, didn’t show up). We finally were able to get someone on the phone and discovered that:

1,. We’d been scheduled for a “customer self-install,” which means that we were expected to take the cable boxes from the old house to the new house. Well, guess what? We don’t have any cable jacks at the new house. So what were we supposed to do? Build them? You’d think “do you have cable jacks at the new location?” might be included in the list of questions they ask you, but whatever.

2. I spoke with someone on the phone to see if they could send someone out since this seemed like their mistake to me, and was told, “Well, we can’t really call dispatch but we can put in a ticket, but we can’t guarantee that someone will call you today.” Um, why can’t you call dispatch??? Wait, let me guess: they don’t have any phone jacks at their location. Insert expletive.

But don’t let the sour grapes fool you: I’m super excited about this move, but as you can imagine, we’ve been super busy this past weekend and will be in the coming week as well. I know my visits have been slow in the last few days and will be again in the coming week, so I apologize  in advance. But I will get caught up with all of you soon. Can’t wait to see what all of you are up to, and to all my A-Zers: rock on:)

What about others? Any experience with fast talking salesmen? Any cable company horror stories? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*Update: The Comcast technician showed up on Wednesday, April 15 but couldn’t do the install because he “didn’t have the proper tools to install the cable jacks*

Dear Comcast: If I want to get an ulcer, I’ll just drive blindfolded through L.A. traffic. 


A former customer. 



29 thoughts on “Goodbye Stupid Comcast (and Other Tidbits)

  1. I just went through a move and Comcast was the absolute worst part. They say moves are among the most stressful experiences you’ll have and I’d say Comcast is about 50 percent of the stress. I did the “mover’s edge” program for a “seamless move.” HA! They sent out a guy who was an “independent contractor.” He said, “Someone cut the line going from the pole to your house. I can’t do anything until they dig a trench. They’ll be out Monday.” Monday came and nobody showed up. I called and they said, “No, it’s NEXT Monday.” FINALLY after my husband demanded to speak to someone in America, he got a local rep who sent it to her supervisor. He sent out their “Swat team,” and the guy informed me that the first guy who showed up could have taken care of it. He just didn’t want to because independent contractors are paid by the job…and our job would have taken too long. (Sigh.) If I ever move again, I’m going to plan to stay where I am for two weeks after we close on the house just to get Comcast all squared away. Maybe by then we’ll have Google Fiber and the competition will make Comcast step up their game?
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  2. Ug. I can sympathize. I hate it when companies give you a huge time window for service and expect you to hang out at your house all day. I understand they have no idea how long some service calls with take, but it can be very frustrating for us. Especially when they don’t show at all.

    We said goodbye to cable three years ago and now rely on Netflix through our Wii. I don’t miss the commercials at all.

    Hope you can get back to the A to Z soon.

    (Minion for Lisa’s Live Wires.)
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  3. I had to deal with Comcast quite a bit when I moved, since I was setting up a new account in a different state. I had some troubles – nothing as bad as what you’re dealing with – but I’ve found what works best is to find the local Comcast/Xfinity store and go speak to them directly. It might take more time and energy than making a phone call, but I got my problems handled more quickly by speaking to someone face-to-face, and they remembered me when I had to come by more than once. -_- Everything’s set now, so it was worth it.

    As for mattresses, I bought a memory foam mattress (in a box!) from Costco and it’s awesome. I’d highly recommend looking into that. ^_^
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  4. GAH. I hate Comcast. Even reading your post is making me all twitchy and sweaty with remembered angst. This is why I got rid of them a few years ago: it was NOT WORTH the cost to my blood pressure. I now have Verizon for internet – sometimes frustrating but not quite as bad – and I stream TV over wi-fi. No more house phone. GOOD BYE STUPID COMCAST.

    Anyway, I hope they figure their s*** out soon, and get you guys hooked up. Good luck with your move! 🙂
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  5. Ummmm… yeah, actually. Our router went down today, and they told us 3-5 days service. Huh? Since my husband works out of the house most of the time, this was full-on panic. I totally get your frustration!

  6. exciting stuff but I know the stresses! And it’s so funny you mentioned this because years ago my parents bought a new mattress and all they did was complain about how pushy and obnoxious the salesguy was…in fact, they hate their mattress now and it’s too late to do anything about it!
    I’m terrified of confrontation, so I’m the worst when it comes to buying anything in a store like furniture or jewelry that involves haggling or not being pushed into something. I always have to bring my dad with me!

    • Ha! Yes, they are VERY pushy and I had no idea. They throw all these facts at you about springs and coils and which ones won’t “sink in the middle.” I think they’re trained to confuse customers or just wear us down so that we’re so confused and tired we’ll buy anything.
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  7. Congratulations on a move in date! I am having problems with my own cable service at the moment. I was on a promo special for years and apparently that just dropped in time for my move, so now my bill has skyrocketed. I was on the phone with them for 30 minutes and had no resolution. I have to call back at the end of the month to see what promo specials they have then. Ugh!
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  8. I’m so excited for you! Seems like a long time coming… I never forgot that blue (or turquoise?) sink you talked about – how enchanting! Ugh, Comcast. We made the grievous error of ‘bundling’ with them and what do you know, one day we had no cable, internet OR phone! I had to jump in the jeep and drive down the road (we live in a dead zone where cellphones don’t work well) to call them, only to be put on hold with the message “Did you know you can contact us by internet?” and then, “We’re sorry, but we don’t recognize this phone number”. heavy sigh.
    As far as salesmen, I guess politicians have to start somewhere…;-)
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  9. Funny you should bring up Comcast as I just heard a story on the radio about them. Seems that some elderly guy in Wisconsin or some such place had his house burn down and he lost everything including his TV’s. Comcast continue to bill him for service even though he was now essentially homeless and TV-less. His daughter contacted Comcast to explain and ask that the service be cancelled. They said they couldn’t do anything without his account number, but since all the guy’s records had burned in the fire the daughter didn’t have the account number so Comcast wouldn’t do anything.

    I’m not sure what the resolution was but it sounds like the typical bureaucratic garbage people have to go through these days to get anything done.

    Fast-talking salesmen–yeah, I’ve had my share.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
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  10. Yay, I’m so happy y’all are ready to move into your newly renovated house! How exciting. And yes I’ve had a few run-ins with fast talking salesmen, one of which ended with me threatening to throw his computer through those fancy glass show room walls. He looked into my eyes and knew I meant it. Needless to say, I got my money back for the lemon he’d sold me and managed to avoid arrest. Score one for Jesus, because he had to have been looking out for me that day. I was fully prepared to sit out my time, if I’d been pushed to do the crime.

    Wow, I just took a moment to fully acknowledge how off the wall I truly am…
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