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It’s the Wednesday before NaNoWriMo begins and today I’m featuring Dominique L. Watson, author of Concealed Betrayal. Dominique is a Literary Mentor and Consultant for Authors & Writers at Literary Career Moves:

She can be found daily at The POV Lounge giving advice and tips on the literary field over at

Check out the book cover, blurb, excerpt, and Dominique’s bio below!

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Calvin and Tina Mitchell are the typical African American family. Married young with several children. Tina a stay at home mom and Calvin a hard working business man. Life is perfect, until Calvin’s mother dies and he doesn’t know how to cope and his wife doesn’t know how to support him.

Calvin spends his days in a deep state of depression leaving Tina to take care of their children alone. She’s no longer getting the love, affection and support she needed and turns her back on her husband and his needs. With the loss of Calvin’s mother cutting him so deep, the devil has found his entrance and sets in motion….betrayal.

Tina finds herself getting all of what she’s been missing from a dangerous source. Her mother can’t seem to get through to her and the aching pain she has in her heart from her marriage causes her to make the wrong decisions.

Calvin and Tina’s marriage and family is turning upside down right before their eyes.

Can they turn on the love that once was or will explosives set before them destroy their happy home.


Calvin finally came home hours later; four o’clock to be exact. Tina was in the kitchen cleaning the pantry.
“Glad you finally decided to come home,” she told her husband. Calvin looked tired; like he hadn’t slept for days.
“Had to clear my head.”
“Can we talk now?” Tina asked.
“Let’s talk.” Calvin followed Tina to the den. They closed the door to get a little privacy. He threw his keys on the coffee table and turned to his wife. “So…”
“So we need to talk about Candy. What are we going to do?”
“Tina, I don’t want her here.”
“Calvin, I’m not putting my daughter out. She needs us. I think we need to talk to Eugene and his family.”
“I don’t have time to talk to that boy’s family. My concern is my daughter. I think she done got beside herself these last couple of months.”
“How would you know? You ain’t been around. You don’t talk to us. You ignore us. You haven’t helped me raise these children. You just come in here and isolate yourself. Now you wanna come in here and lay orders. I don’t think so.” Tina was hot with her husband. When she needed him he was nowhere to be found. Now he wants to lay down rules. Tina wasn’t having that.
“What? Neither have you. You ain’t been here either. I might not talk to you but I notice that your mind is somewhere else. You aren’t here with your family. You didn’t lose a family member so what’s going on with you Tina? Huh? Why have you been so distant with your family?” Tina got quiet. She had no idea that Calvin was noticing that her attention had been elsewhere the last few months.
“Maybe we need some time apart.”
“So now you’re running, Tina. Are you having an affair?”

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Dominique Watson is a writer and published author. She began writing poetry and short stories at a young age. Dominique has published eight books in the genres of Poetry, Inspiration and Urban Christian Fiction including her most popular series “Too Much Untold” and “Truthfully Untold” “Concealed Betrayal” is Dominique’s latest book.

Dominique was also the owner and creator of the award winning magazine “From A Writer’s POV”, a literary magazine geared to support authors and writers.

She’s a Literary Mentor and Consultant for Authors & Writers at Literary Career Moves.  She can be found daily at The POV Lounge giving advice and tips on the literary field

For more about Dominique, check her out at:

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