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It’s Valentine’s Day Week and the wonderful ladies of Chick Lit Chat have organized an uber fantastic Valentine’s Promo! Special shout out to Tracie Banister for this wonderful idea! And if you’d like to find out more you can follow Chick Lit Chat on Twitter: @Chicklitchathq.

There’s also a Pinterest page where you can see all the participants, their book covers, and the buy links for their books! Shout out to Laura Chapman for putting that together!

This promo event will be going on all week and kicks off today with a Valentine’s theme questionnaire for the main character of my chick lit novel, It Ain’t Easy Being Jazzy. Jazzy had to answer 10 questions about, yep, you guessed it; her love life!


So here we go!

1) What three qualities do you find most attractive in a partner?

Anytime I find a quality attractive in a man that’s usually a sign that I should run for the nearest exit, but I’ll go ahead and list them anyway. If a man can cook then you might as well call the pastor because he’ll need to pray for my sins, and if he smells good then my underwear just may end up under the nearest coffee table, and if he’s chocolate, Lord have mercy pick me up on a stretcher and take me someplace safe because I am liable to lose all the sense God gave me. #justfacts.

2) What’s your idea of romance?

Oooh…that’s a good one. Well, on my last date (at a restaurant), I ducked under the table during a shootout. My date and I snuck out during all the chaos (with our plates, thank you very much). I had my man and my fried shrimp platter. If that’s not romance I don’t know what is.

3) Who’s your favorite on-screen couple (Film or TV)?

I’m just going to go ahead and say Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs in Brown Sugar. #fave.


4) What’s been your most embarrassing moment in regards to the opposite sex?

I actually have a few of those so it’ll be hard to narrow that down to just one….I guess I’d have to say that time I thought my ex was going to propose to me but he ended up proposing to my cousin, Mercedes (or, as I sometimes like to call her behind her back, broke ass Pinto).

5) What was your first impression of your partner or crush? How accurate was it?

Well, I was in the mall and he was working at one of those kiosks (selling thumb massagers or something else I probably didn’t need), and when he saw me he shouted, “Stolen Coach bag lady!” (long story). I turned around, and there he was, eating a Red Delicious apple and smirking at me. I thought he was a tad bit too normal but it turns out that normal is just what I needed.

6) How have you coped with break-ups in the past?

I typically enlist the help of my best friend, Serai, and we put peanut butter under the door handles of his car.

7) Which hot actor would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with and why?

And not get pregnant (or arrested)? Let’s see…I’ll go old school fine on this one and say Blair Underwood. I’d probably spend most of my time trying to convince him that his chances of survival would be much higher if he just took off all his clothes….

8) What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

I’ve snuck into a boyfriend’s backyard to eavesdrop on him, got chased by a Rottweiler, tried to jump a fence, and got stranded there. But hey; I got my man!

9) PDA: How much is acceptable?

I think it depends; dark movie theater? Go for the grope. Grocery store? A light grope every now and then might be okay depending on the severity of the stares you get. It really just depends on the lighting.

10) What is the best relationship advice you’ve ever gotten?

My Grandma Dottie is the guru of relationship advice and has always said to me, “No matter how mad a man makes you, a woman should never, under any circumstances, turn down free food.”

Ha! Well, that’s it!  This looks like it’s going to be such a fun week! I’m so excited to hop  over to other blogs and see what some of the other ladies are cooking up!

What did you think of Jazzy’s questionnaire? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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