Calling All Critiques – Cover Art Entry #4

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Last week kicked off the Calling All Critiques event and this week we’re continuing with cover art! A huge thanks to all the participants!

Anyone can critique but let’s remember to be kind.

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Entry #4

Author: Robert L. Slater
Title: Toils and Snares
Genre: YA and up-Apocalyptic Science Fiction


There’s more to critique!

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Thank you to the entrants and the participants!

7 thoughts on “Calling All Critiques – Cover Art Entry #4

  1. Nice composition. The type sizes for the author name, title line 1, title line 2, and series do a good job of building tension, then dropping with a new color. The tree background is well balanced between implied darkness and natural texture, with some mystery as to what you’re seeing that keeps your eye moving around the graphic area.

    I think the intensity of the sun flare is a little too much (I’m not a fan of Abrams Trek), as it diminishes the visibility of the white text, but maybe that works better in print where it’s not backlit the way it is on screen. The what-if text’s red seems to tie into some of the red to the right of the sun, making it seem like a natural fit. I’m not so sure about the semi-transparent author/title/series text. That makes those letters a little harder to make out, and the what-if text’s (apparent) opacity seems out of place next to those. Perhaps all the text could be treated similarly. Of course, if that text style is already part of your series brand, I take that back.

    All in all, it’s a cover that would draw me in, and hint that the author is going to give me some things to figure out on my own as I read – always an appealing idea.

  2. I think the artwork is fantastic. I don’t see it as contradictory to the title of your book. Unless the book is so dark that there is no life in it whatsoever. The sun symbolizes life and the trees are the darkness, and the two combined make it work for me.

  3. WOW! This cover looks like something you’d see in Barnes and Noble! I love the image, what was done to the lettering, and the colors. I do agree that I don’t see this as post-apocolyptic. In fact, it looks like it could be action, maybe thriller, but something taking place in the woods that gives hope as opposed to taking it away or provides mystery. “What if death forgot you” doesn’t quite fit the ambiance, as others have said.

    I like this cover a lot, just not with this genre. Maybe you’ll have to write a new book based on this cover art! I think it needs to be darker and more desolate to fit the post-apocolyptic topic.

  4. I love the cover. It’s mysteriously beautiful… if that makes sense, and not over the top for “What if death forgot you?” The title is definitely original and makes the cover even more interesting. I also like the contrast of daylight breaking through the trees… makes me wonder about the essence of this book. Great job and thanks for sharing the giveaway, Quanie!
    Gina Stoneheart recently posted..How I Found the Write PathMy Profile

  5. The thing I like most about this cover is that it’s nice and clean. The title is easy to read and the background isn’t too busy. I do agree with Samantha that the cover doesn’t seem to match up with the title. It may not do enough to convey the genre, especially considering the tagline. I do like that you varied the font color. The pink and yellow really stand out.
    Quanie recently posted..Are you Writing a Sequel?My Profile

  6. Let me start by saying that I really like this cover. The contrast of light piercing through the dark clouds of trees calls the reader to experience the story. It says something about what I’m going to experience as a reader. The font is simple but the distressing gives it a more-than-just-photoshopped look.

    However, my biggest critique is that it doesn’t seem to match up to your title and tagline. The words you’ve chosen–toils, snares, deserted, death–tells me that this is a dark book. It’s not a story of a character overcoming and triumphing, which is what I’m gathering from the image. It’s a story of darkness and struggle and failure and bleakness.

    Both your cover image and your verbiage tell a story, which is half the battle. But, unfortunately, to me, they don’t tell the same story.
    Samantha recently posted..Calling All Critiques: Cover Art Entry #6My Profile

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