Book Excitement and Cover Reveal

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Last Thursday my author website went up and I decided to also create a Facebook Author page. This is what happened:

I didn’t tell my mother that I was releasing a novel until my author website went up. All I said to her was, “Go to” She did. She called me back, bursting with excitement. “When is this coming out???”
“In October. As an ebook.”
“Hold on,” she said.
She called me back with my Aunt Donna on three way who, after congratulating me, said, “Well, I saw it already.”
I said, “Saw what?”
“The book cover.”
“Well, Tara and Gabe posted it.” Tara and Gabe are my cousins.
My mom said, “Now, tell her, Quanie. When is it going on EBay?”
I said, “It’s not going on EBay. It’s going to be an ebook.”
“Through Twitter, right?”
My aunt said, “I have a Twitter account.”
“You do?”
“Yeah. But I don’t remember what it is.”
“Let me try and find it,” I said. I found it and asked her, “Why are you following MC Hammer?”
She said, “Well, I follow all the celebrities. Hang on. I’m gonna put this on Facebook.”
My mom interjected: “And make sure you put Quanie Q-Ball Mitchell who used to be in a rap group in New Iberia, Louisiana.” (When I saw my aunt’s posting it said just that.)
Soon after, I talked to my grandmother who cut straight to the chase: “Am I in the novel?” I should mention that my grandmother shows up in almost everything that I write because she’s a riot.
“And why not?”
“I know I’m in there somewhere. I’ll be waiting for my cut,” she said.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. I’ve spent this whole weekend responding to congratulatory posts on Facebook and it dawned on me; I’ve been so busy doing the prep work for the novel’s release that I haven’t even had a moment to step back and be excited. I still have a to-do list about a mile long. Maybe on the release day I’ll be able to step back and take it all in.

Anyway, here’s the cover that was heard round the world this weekend.



Am I getting excited? I think I am. I feel a praise dance a-brewin’ in 3, 2, 1…



26 thoughts on “Book Excitement and Cover Reveal

  1. Congratulations!!!!! 😀 The cover art looks fabulous! I wish my family had been as excited as yours when I told them that I will be publishing an eBook. How my family reacted was equivalent to zombies. LOL!
    Chrys Fey recently posted..Using A Pen NameMy Profile

  2. SOOOO great. I love these people. And, your family actually talks about your writing? Like it matters? Like they want to actually BE IN IT? WTF? I’m jealous. No I’m not. I’m happy for you. No, I’m actually jealous. No, no, I’m happy for you. Wait, I’m jealous…no, wait, I’m….

    Helen W. Mallon recently posted..Bossy Boots BitchMy Profile

  3. Haha! Your family sounds like they’d be so much fun to hang around and just listen to. Congratulations on the release! Putting this down as a “to read”. Love the cover and can’t wait for its release!

  4. Congratulations! Your family sounds like a trip [In a good way 🙂 ]
    Don’t you love when friends/family ask if they’re in your story? I had a friend’s fiance say all he wanted to be was a minor character…that rode the short bus.
    Congrats, again! I’m looking forward to the release. Are you doing a blog tour?
    Dahlia Savage recently posted..When writers have an idea…My Profile

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