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My theme for the A – Z Blogging Challenge is music and today’s post is brought to you by the letter:




A few weeks ago I was over at author L. Penelope’s blog and discovered the group Ibeyi for the first time. They’re twins. They sing. And they can hold their breaths for a really really really long time.

The video for “River” is simple: one camera, one set of twins, and mysterious hands and arms (one tatooed) holding both their heads under water. The video is odd but captivating and the song gives me all sorts of story ideas.

If Edgar Allan Poe had twin daughters who sang, they’d probably be Ibeyi.

Here’s the video for “River.”


Have you heard of Ibeyi? Do you ever get story ideas from music?

24 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge – I is for Ibeyi

  1. Dang, those girls can hold their breath. You weren’t lying. I like listening to music when I write. The muse, mostly poetry, sometimes find me with a line or 2 heard in a song.

    • My muse hates music (or television or the voices of other people). There have been very few moments where I’ve been able to write fiction in a not so quiet room. I sure wish I could write through noise, though (even subtle noise). I’d write these books a whole lot quicker, that’s for sure.
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  2. Wow, that was mesmerizing! I found myself taking breaths for them 🙂 Music is a major part of my everyday life and is always a source of inspiration. Depending on my mood (or that of my muse!) I do audio laps; where I listen to quite a variety of music.
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  3. Yes! I always listen to music when I write, and I often get ideas from it. Usually I listen to instrumental music to garner inspiration. I plan to watch the Ibeyi video when I get home this evening.

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