A – Z Challenge: C is for Cupid Shuffle

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My theme for this A-Z Challenge is music, and today, C is for “Cupid Shuffle”!

I’m particularly happy to tell you all about this song because the artist is from my neck of the woods: Lafayette, Looziana. My hometown, New Iberia, is a pebble’s throw away. Now, if you saw my post from yesterday, you’ll know that I love me some line dancin’, and Cupid’s songs are known to cause quite a few rugs to get cut in my house uponst their release. In other words: I be jammin’, ya’ll.

You might already be familiar with the “Cupid Shuffle,” but if you aren’t, check out this video of the Steve Harvey show audience doing the dance during a commercial break. Classic!


Cupid has another song that I heard during one of my dance aerobics classes. It’s called “Go Head Baby” and you should have seen us all in there gettin’ down with our bad selves! I would post a video of me dancing but I’m sure it would go viral for all the wrong reasons. So instead, check out these cool moves to the song. If I could move like that, I’d probably dance in the grocery store check out line to my car, lol. And listen to the way Cupid says, “Baby.” When people who don’t know me hear my accent, they say, “Girl, where are you from???” Looziana. Now go head, baby…


18 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge: C is for Cupid Shuffle

  1. Now I want to hear you talk and take a listen at that accent Quanie! It’s funny how we get so connected to people online and wouldn’t even recognize their voices on the phone. Since moving to the south I’ve been repeatedly told that I sound like one of my white brothers and sisters. And I’m like, “No I don’t. I just sound like a regular old black woman from Cali!”
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  2. I swear a line dance is born every ten minutes. Great posts so far Quanie. I’m even learning the line dances I’ve never heard of before (though whether or not I’ll be able to follow is another story). Can’t wait for “D”

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