A – Z Challenge: B is for Big Mucci

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Step up with it-now move it on back
Step back with it-now move it on up
Now step-turn-step-turn
Now kick and cross and slide to the right…

There’s a largely popular song that some of you might not be familiar with: it’s called the Social Club (SC) Hustle, and it’s by an artist named Big Mucci.

I heard this song at a wedding a couple of years ago. Everyone rushed to the floor to do the dance and I just stood there thinking, “Hey! I never heard this song before!” (And secretly wanting to join the crowd and try the dance). The thing I remember most about that day was this elderly lady. There was a crowd of “young folks” and she stepped right on through them and hit a one-two step that put those youngsters to shame. She was gettin’ it!

A wedding just seems like the best place for line dancing. I’ve seen it all: The Electric Slide. The Harlem Shuffle. And one set to this zydeco song that involves turning and kicking up your heels and what not (too much work if you ask me). My grandmother used to run a catering business and at one wedding reception, I remember the bride on the dance floor, doing a line dance with her asthma pump in hand. 

I’m a HUGE lover of line dance songs so you’ll be seeing a few of them during my A-Z Challenge:) What about others? What’s your favorite line dance? Do you normally see them at weddings? Do you join in or are you shy like me?

And if you’re curious about how to do the SC Hustle, here’s a video (dance starts at about the 2:00 minute mark).



27 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge: B is for Big Mucci

  1. Music is such a big thing for me, so if you’re doing new music every day, I might be stopping by quite a bit. ^_^ I’ve never been much into line dancing, though – I’d rather just move with the music, however I feel like, instead of doing something coordinated.

    …in the privacy of my own home. My dancing is a hazard to myself and everyone around me. >_<
    Mason T. Matchak recently posted..IWSG: You’ll Get Better.My Profile

  2. Love, love, love it! As a child of a couple who were well known ‘rug-cutters’, I come by the love of dancing quite naturally! Though I have to suffice with kitchen-dancing these days (mi vida doesn’t dance), I’ve done it all over the years – from swing-dancing, line-dancing to Latin corridos! You’re rockin’ this Quanie!
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  3. Oh yeah, line dancing and weddings go hand in hand. Almost seems as if a wedding isn’t a wedding if there’s not a line dance or two being played. The only ones I know are the Electric Slide, the Wobble and the Cupid Shuffle. Although I admit, I tend to mess up on the Cupid Shuffle. And don’t get me started on the line dance to Robin Thycke’s “Blurred Lines.” Too fast, too many moves….just can’t bother.

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