A to Z Challenge – F is for Fuego!

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A few years ago when I lived in San Jose, I was a member of this gym called Club One. I walked into one of the Saturday morning classes thinking that it was kickboxing. The instructor said, “How many of you are new to Zumba?” Nobody raised their hand–inlcuding me, who had never done Zumba before. I was too embarrassed to leave so I stayed in the back rolling my eyes, thinking that I couldn’t possibly get a good workout from Zumba. Burn calories just from wiggling my hips? No way!

But I am here to tell you that this class made me a believer. I wore my heart rate monitor and I burned almost 700 calories in one hour. Yes. Almost 700 calories. More than I would burn in spin and kickboxing. I’ve been a Zumbaholic ever since.

And in that first class, the instructor, Theresa, God bless her, had Fuego on her playlist. The moment it came on everybody in the class started clapping and moving their feet. I’m not the best dancer but when this song comes on? You better clear the aisles. Take a listen at the song below (and watch this class get down) and see for yourself why it’s still my all time fave Zumba song.

Anybody else tried Zumba? If you have, what’s your favorite song? And if you haven’t tried it, you should! Even if you think you have no rhythm, you can stay in the back of the class (like I do:)


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  1. I’ve considered trying zumba – I’ve heard about how great a workout it is, and I used to work with a woman who taught classes, and it seemed to work well for her. I’d forgotten about it, but I’m always looking for a workout that won’t be hell on my knees, so I’ll have to look it up again. Thanks. ^_^
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  2. That class actually looks FUN! I haven’t dared to take a dance class/fitness class since a belly-dancing class I took in the mid-00s. It was packed for the first two weeks and then everyone started dropping out. By the second month, I was the only one left in the class…and I realized it’s no fun if there aren’t other people to join in!
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  3. I’ve Zumba before. In fact I need to find a nearby class and start doing it religiously (was not a good winter for me). There’s a woman at work who is also a Zumba instructor. She used to offer classes after work in the office building but we moved buildings and there’s no space for that now. But wow, she would put you through a workout and doing it to West African and island music/influence and moves too. Have to get ready to sweat and move those hips with her.

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