Trust Yourself

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Hello, All! Today is the first Wednesday of the month so you know what that means: another installment of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Writers from all over the world come together to discuss our fears and insecurities. We might even meet a new friend or two!

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Okay, guys. I have some good news and some not so good news. Let me start with the not so good. Some of you might remember those storms that pummeled South Carolina a few weeks ago. My husband and I counted are blessings because we didn’t have any damage to our home–or so we thought. Fast forward to this past Friday and guess what? We found mold in our house. And, like, everywhere. The water from the storm caused excess water underneath our home so there was “extra moisture in the air” or something like that. Thus, the mold. The kicker? We had to evacuate. Immediately. You can imagine my utter surprise when I arrived home from my meeting on Friday morning and my husband said, “Pack your bags. Now.” My first thought: “Woo-hoo! Surprise vacation!” But my elation quickly dissipated when he told me why. But don’t fret folks; we’re in a safe place while waiting to hear back from the good folks at FEMA. At least we have our health, right???

And now, after all of that depressing stuff, on to the good news: I started another book! I know, I know. You were hoping for something bigger. Like I won the lottery and decided to share all my winnings with you guys. Or solved world peace. But this is a HUGE deal for me because every time I finish one book, I have this frightening thought that I’ll never be able to write anything else again because writing the recent project was some sort of fluke. How can I do that again???

But I’ve learned this and maybe this will help another writer struggling with the same thing: you’re creative and will never run out of creativity. You’re a great writer, and as long as you dedicate yourself to a writing schedule and put the work in, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals. It might take time, and maybe a bit of effort on your part, but trust yourself and your ability to create awesome stuff. Doubt is inevitable but don’t let it stop you from doing what you love.

What about others? Any mold horror stories? Does anyone else ever freak out about the possibility of running out of creativity???? I’d love to hear your thoughts!