Which Keywords Bring the most Traffic to Your Blog? (and other updates)

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Hi Everyone! Happy Monday and happy Memorial Day. I know I’ve been MIA lately, so my apologies. No, Comcast didn’t kidnap me for calling them stupid (shout out to the awesome Liz Blockerūüôā I also didn’t get so worn out from moving that I curled up on our new sectional (which broke, by the way) and stayed there until just now. I’ve just been really really really distracted by a million other things that I’ll tell you all about later. I would, though,¬†like to take a moment to thank everyone who checked in on me during my recent blogging sabbatical. You’re too kind, folks. Too kind.

So, what have I been up to? For starters,¬†watching totally awesome, unlike stupid Comcast AT&T Uverse programming. Two words, folks: Doc McStuffins.¬†My daughter is obsessed with this show. She’s only 8 months old but in our house, if you say the words “Doc McStuffins,” she will appear (because if my daughter hears those words and doesn’t see the Doc on the television, she’ll holler).

I’ve also¬†gotten CONSIDERABLE work done on my WIP. And when I say considerable, it’s almost in good enough¬†shape to show a completely non-judgemental beta reader who doesn’t mind some plot holes, some grammatical errors, some instances where I called the main character the wrong name, or the blocks of text that I underlined because I know they’re crappy but I didn’t want to lose momentum so¬†I didn’t stop to wax poetic–or to figure out if a particular word was used in the right context (or if it was even a word at all).¬†I should have it done in early June. I also did a photo shoot which resulted in a new social media profile picture for me since, according to my husband, “I’d been having that same picture since 2002.” *Scowls* I’ve also managed to start reading again, and I’m happy about that because my TBR pile was starting to look like¬†the leaning tower of Pisa.

I’ve also been brainstorming¬† a list of possible blog topic–despite the fact that I’m often very intuitive about what I blog about, so a list probably won’t do me any good, but that brings me to this question: what is the number one thing that people search for that leads them to your blog? While kicking around ideas,¬†I’ve been looking at the different keywords that drive traffic here. The number one searched item? “How to write a letter to book reviewers.”¬†People also search for “Quanie Cash” who is a rapper, and “why does erotica sell so much?” or “why do women read erotica” which lands them on a post where I lament the fact that I’m unable to write in that genre. What about others? Are you able to see which keywords lead people to your blog? What are they? And what have all of you been up to lately?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have a great Memorial Day and be safe:)