Goodbye Stupid Comcast (and Other Tidbits)

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Happy Monday, All! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend, unlike myself, who spent the last couple of days shopping for a mattress and a sectional. Until recently, I had no idea that mattress salesmen were just as fast-talking and (seemingly) shady as used car salesmen. I guess it’s hard out there on those mattress streets and you’ve gotta say whatever you have to to make a dollar.

But that’s not the good part: it looks like after months of rehabbing our house, our move in date is here! Woo-hoo! And hopefully, we’ll get things squared away with Comcast, the root of all evil and gray hair. Sidebar: this weekend, Comcast gave us two separate appointments for transfer of service: one on Saturday between 3 and 5 (and then mysteriously didn’t show up) and then one on Sunday between 8 and 8 (and then mysteriously, didn’t show up). We finally were able to get someone on the phone and discovered that:

1,. We’d been scheduled for a “customer self-install,” which means that we were expected to take the cable boxes from the old house to the new house. Well, guess what? We don’t have any cable jacks at the new house. So what were we supposed to do? Build them? You’d think “do you have cable jacks at the new location?” might be included in the list of questions they ask you, but whatever.

2. I spoke with someone on the phone to see if they could send someone out since this seemed like their mistake to me, and was told, “Well, we can’t really call dispatch but we can put in a ticket, but we can’t guarantee that someone will call you today.” Um, why can’t you call dispatch??? Wait, let me guess: they don’t have any phone jacks at their location. Insert expletive.

But don’t let the sour grapes fool you: I’m super excited about this move, but as you can imagine, we’ve been super busy this past weekend and will be in the coming week as well. I know my visits have been slow in the last few days and will be again in the coming week, so I apologize  in advance. But I will get caught up with all of you soon. Can’t wait to see what all of you are up to, and to all my A-Zers: rock on:)

What about others? Any experience with fast talking salesmen? Any cable company horror stories? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*Update: The Comcast technician showed up on Wednesday, April 15 but couldn’t do the install because he “didn’t have the proper tools to install the cable jacks*

Dear Comcast: If I want to get an ulcer, I’ll just drive blindfolded through L.A. traffic. 


A former customer. 



A – Z Challenge – I is for Ibeyi

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My theme for the A – Z Blogging Challenge is music and today’s post is brought to you by the letter:




A few weeks ago I was over at author L. Penelope’s blog and discovered the group Ibeyi for the first time. They’re twins. They sing. And they can hold their breaths for a really really really long time.

The video for “River” is simple: one camera, one set of twins, and mysterious hands and arms (one tatooed) holding both their heads under water. The video is odd but captivating and the song gives me all sorts of story ideas.

If Edgar Allan Poe had twin daughters who sang, they’d probably be Ibeyi.

Here’s the video for “River.”


Have you heard of Ibeyi? Do you ever get story ideas from music?

A – Z Challenge – G is for Groove Theory

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Yesterday, I missed out on “G” for the A – Z Challenge but I had to bring it back just in case some of you aren’t familiar with Groove Theory. “Tell Me” has got to be one of my favorite songs of all time. It grooves, it bangs, and it most certainly knocks. And Amel Larrieux? #vocalsonfleek.

“Tell Me” came out in 1995 and you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a certified superstar when that song came on! I would sing into my hairbrush like I was onstage at Showtime at the Apollo (never mind the fact that every time I sing, a dog howls somewhere in the wilderness).

Here’s the video for “Tell Me.”

And I couldn’t mention Amel Larrieux without mentioning “Don’t Let me Down” from the Beyond the Lights soundtrack. As soon as the song came on, I typed the lyrics into Google to find out who the artist was and immediately added the song to my Spotify list. Loves!

 What about others? What are some of your old school favorites? And what’s on your playlist right now?


A to Z Challenge – F is for Fuego!

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A few years ago when I lived in San Jose, I was a member of this gym called Club One. I walked into one of the Saturday morning classes thinking that it was kickboxing. The instructor said, “How many of you are new to Zumba?” Nobody raised their hand–inlcuding me, who had never done Zumba before. I was too embarrassed to leave so I stayed in the back rolling my eyes, thinking that I couldn’t possibly get a good workout from Zumba. Burn calories just from wiggling my hips? No way!

But I am here to tell you that this class made me a believer. I wore my heart rate monitor and I burned almost 700 calories in one hour. Yes. Almost 700 calories. More than I would burn in spin and kickboxing. I’ve been a Zumbaholic ever since.

And in that first class, the instructor, Theresa, God bless her, had Fuego on her playlist. The moment it came on everybody in the class started clapping and moving their feet. I’m not the best dancer but when this song comes on? You better clear the aisles. Take a listen at the song below (and watch this class get down) and see for yourself why it’s still my all time fave Zumba song.

Anybody else tried Zumba? If you have, what’s your favorite song? And if you haven’t tried it, you should! Even if you think you have no rhythm, you can stay in the back of the class (like I do:)


A – Z Challenge – D is for DJ Jubilee

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For this A – Z Challenge I’m telling you all about some of my favorite musicians, and today, D is for DJ Jubilee! I grew up on New Orleans Bounce Music and DJ Jubilee is a staple where I’m from. In fact, if you don’t know these dance moves back home, you get your Looziana card taken away.

Check out this video of fitness instructors Lauren and Kelsi doing some cool choreography to DJ Jubilee’s “Get it Ready.” Takes off shoes to boogie in 3, 2, 1…



A – Z Challenge: C is for Cupid Shuffle

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My theme for this A-Z Challenge is music, and today, C is for “Cupid Shuffle”!

I’m particularly happy to tell you all about this song because the artist is from my neck of the woods: Lafayette, Looziana. My hometown, New Iberia, is a pebble’s throw away. Now, if you saw my post from yesterday, you’ll know that I love me some line dancin’, and Cupid’s songs are known to cause quite a few rugs to get cut in my house uponst their release. In other words: I be jammin’, ya’ll.

You might already be familiar with the “Cupid Shuffle,” but if you aren’t, check out this video of the Steve Harvey show audience doing the dance during a commercial break. Classic!


Cupid has another song that I heard during one of my dance aerobics classes. It’s called “Go Head Baby” and you should have seen us all in there gettin’ down with our bad selves! I would post a video of me dancing but I’m sure it would go viral for all the wrong reasons. So instead, check out these cool moves to the song. If I could move like that, I’d probably dance in the grocery store check out line to my car, lol. And listen to the way Cupid says, “Baby.” When people who don’t know me hear my accent, they say, “Girl, where are you from???” Looziana. Now go head, baby…


A – Z Challenge: B is for Big Mucci

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Step up with it-now move it on back
Step back with it-now move it on up
Now step-turn-step-turn
Now kick and cross and slide to the right…

There’s a largely popular song that some of you might not be familiar with: it’s called the Social Club (SC) Hustle, and it’s by an artist named Big Mucci.

I heard this song at a wedding a couple of years ago. Everyone rushed to the floor to do the dance and I just stood there thinking, “Hey! I never heard this song before!” (And secretly wanting to join the crowd and try the dance). The thing I remember most about that day was this elderly lady. There was a crowd of “young folks” and she stepped right on through them and hit a one-two step that put those youngsters to shame. She was gettin’ it!

A wedding just seems like the best place for line dancing. I’ve seen it all: The Electric Slide. The Harlem Shuffle. And one set to this zydeco song that involves turning and kicking up your heels and what not (too much work if you ask me). My grandmother used to run a catering business and at one wedding reception, I remember the bride on the dance floor, doing a line dance with her asthma pump in hand. 

I’m a HUGE lover of line dance songs so you’ll be seeing a few of them during my A-Z Challenge:) What about others? What’s your favorite line dance? Do you normally see them at weddings? Do you join in or are you shy like me?

And if you’re curious about how to do the SC Hustle, here’s a video (dance starts at about the 2:00 minute mark).