10 Must-Have GIFs for Writers

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As writers, we experience our shares of ups and downs. Nail a scene? Break out the champagne. Hit the proverbial wall? Cue the tiny violin. And don’t even ASK me how my novel is going if I’m struggling with revisions. Back, demon!

So here are 10 GIFs that I’m sure any writer can relate to. Happy Monday!


When they ask why your novel ain’t done yet

giphy (1)

When you agree to review a novel and then realize the shit is terrible

giphy (2)

When your beta readers love your novel

giphy (3)

When your beta readers hate your novel

giphy (4)

When you get a full manuscript request from an agent

giphy (5)

When you get that standard rejection letter

giphy (6)

When you get your first 5 star review

giphy (7)

When you get your first negative review

giphy (8)

When you realize you have to do a page-one rewrite

giphy (9)

When them revisions on point

Diddy Bop


15 thoughts on “10 Must-Have GIFs for Writers

  1. I like some of these, but those ones about getting full requests and five-star reviews… I don’t get them. What’s a full request, and what’s a five-star review?

    (Yes, I’m being sarcastic and as self-deprecating as I can possibly be.)
    Mason T. Matchak recently posted..STARWIND: Chapter OneMy Profile

  2. It’s not often I can spur a snoozing dog to a standing position with one little guffaw, but I sure did! (Ginger says thanks a lot!) I’m still chuckling as she slinks away with smoldering eyes!
    Thanks, I needed this 🙂
    diedre recently posted..Mindful PresencesMy Profile

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